How I work

Since 1999 the focus of my artistic work is on acrylic paintings using the old technique of layering. In a very intense work process a minimum of 50 very thin layers of acrylic colours is applied giving my paintings density, depth and yet transparency. This impression is being enhanced by using the three primary colours only and - in some cases - a little white.

The topics of my paintings and their colourfulness develop and unfold in a dialogue and mutual influence - they are aspects and manifestations of the primary colours in things, phenomena and abstractions.

The range of my artistic oeuvre also includes works with different topics and techniques on canvas, wood and paper. Amongst those are water colour painting, linocut and xylography, mixed techniques, drawings, objects and photographs.

Since 2008 I live and work in Berlin. My studio in the "Atelierhaus79" is situated in Europe's largest heritage protected industrial area, the former AEG factories facing the river Spree in Oberschöneweide.